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About Just Leafing

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If you’re here, I’m guessing you are either a book lover or looking to become one. And with life busier than ever, making sure you spend your time on the right books is vital.

Enter Just Leafing, a site dedicated to helping the readers of the world match themselves with the perfect book for the moment and skip the ones not worth that most precious resource… your time. 

I was raised to be a reader. From the age of 4, I can remember my mother reading me (mostly age-appropriate) novels that she would stop for the night just as they were getting good.

I so badly wanted to know what happened next that I pushed myself to learn to read earlier and faster than I probably would have otherwise.

It took a few years, but the night I took the book out of her hands to keep reading on my own was both a bittersweet night for her and a monumental one for me. I had entered the limitless world of books. 

A huge supply lining the bookshelves of our home, combined with a 4-year stint in Sweden where books were a welcome alternative to being outside in sub-zero temperatures, meant that once I entered that realm, I really lived there. I took up residence in a way I look back on fondly now that adulthood doesn’t allow for 12-hour binge reading sessions (ah, the good old days before work and babies).

My deep love of reading was formed then, and it never really left.

Helping others find that one book that makes them feel seen by the author, develop a new perspective, or even just distract them for a few hours is what I love to do. After years of getting texts or emails from friends asking what they should read next, I finally built the site I would point them to as an answer. 

I hope you find as much joy in reading about these books as I do in reading and writing about them.

Happy book hunting!