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Crave Book Club Questions

Full disclosure, Crave by Tracy Wolff is not my favorite novel ever to come out of the vampire romance genre.

That said, a case can be made for why it actually is a solid book club choice if you are exploring young adult titles. And if you are, these Crave book club questions will have your reading group getting right into the heart of the book.

While Wolff is no Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer, she is a prolific writer who creates a fascinating world of danger, intrigue, and young love in an Alaskan castle (er, boarding school).

Crave makes an excellent book club choice if you are:

  • Reading through current popular young adult novels
  • A fan of all things Vampire, no matter the style 
  • Love books about the passion of first young love
  • Enjoy series’ that are told from multiple perspectives
  • Have seen the book EVERYWHERE on Amazon and are just curious at this point

Whatever your reason for making this YA novel your book club pick, these Crave book club questions are sure to give your reading group something to think about.

Still unsure if this is the right title for you? Check out this Crave review for a full breakdown of the pros and cons of the book.

Happy reading!

Crave Book Club Questions

Warning, these book club questions are full of spoilers about the book!

1. The boarding school of Katmere Academy is a castle set in a remote part of Alaska. How do the environment and the weather play a role in the book?

2. Grace comes to the school a bit of a broken shell of herself after the death of her parents. What depictions of her grief resonated with you the most, if any?

3. Grace’s cousin Macy makes a lot of effort to ensure Grace feels welcome at Katmere Academy. Sometimes they are a little off the work in terms of Grace’s personal preference for things (like the color of her bedspread being what she would have liked when she was 6).

When it comes to kindness, do you think what matters most was Macy’s intentions? Or do the results matter more? Why or why not?

4. From the beginning Grace could tell there was something different about the students of Katmere Academy. What were your early theories about what was going on in the school?

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5. When Grace meets Jaxon Vega she instantly was drawn to him. She equally knew he was bad for her well-being and safety (though she didn’t know exactly why).

Why is someone being dangerous used as a device to explain attraction in books so often? Is it effective? Why or why not?

6. Grace also feels an unexplainable pull to Flint, another Katmere student.

What theories did you come up with around his presence at the school and what he might be? How close did you get to the truth that he was actually a Dragon?

7. Jaxon is plagued by the death of his brother, Hudson. When you finally hear the story of what happened, was it what you were expecting?

How did it change how you felt about Jaxon, if it did? Why?

8. Grace finally learns everyone at Katmere is special and falls into one of four groups: they are a vampire, a dragon, a wolf, or a witch.

How would you feel being the “normal” one like Grace in a school of supernatural beings? If you could choose to be a part of one group, which one would you pick?

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9. Lia wants Grace because she is an important part of a ritual to bring back Hudson from the dead.

Did you see any of that plot point coming? Were there any clues about Lia’s true intentions earlier in the book?

10. The battle between Jaxon, Lia, and Flint is of epic proportions.

Were you expecting this showdown? What about the final battle surprised you?

11. In the last moments of the book, Grace tries to protect Jaxon from Hudson’s spirit in the only way she can: by transforming. This is how we learn she is actually a Gargoyle.

Did you see that coming? What questions did it raise for you about Grace and the future books?

12. Did Crave remind you of any other books you’ve read? In what ways were they similar?

13. The book has a distinct writing style, especially surrounding romance and Grace’s attraction to Jaxon.

What about the writing did you enjoy? What bothered you? Why?

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14. There is a lot of vivid imagery in the book and different memorable moments. What scene stuck with you the most? Why do you think it impacted you?

15. Tracy Wolff is the author of 64 books and novels, including the 6 in the Crave series.

Do you want to read more books by this author? Why or why not?

Get a copy of these book club questions as a PDF below.

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Did you read Crave for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!