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Atomic Habits is a Game Changer

Atomic Habits Book Cover

Atomic Habits


All this certainty and calm is in large part due to this truly fantastically researched and written book, Atomic Habits.

I’m no stranger to self-improvement books. Especially ones that deal with behavioral psychology (I can’t get enough of them!)

So when I received a very clever marketing email from the author, James Clear, I figured what did I have to lose? I thought I was already well-versed on the subject of habits, but let’s give James a try and see what he’s got. 

Apparently, quite a lot.

There are a couple of key concepts that he introduces in a way that, whether it was the timing or the writing, really resonated. And they did it in a deep enough way they silenced the monkey on my shoulder who normally lets me know that a slip-up is just around the corner, so watch out.

And I must say, that monkey-less peace is bliss. 

Source: Unsplash

If you are struggling to make a profound change in your life through better habits (or by getting rid of bad ones that have plagued you for a while), you really do need to read this book.

You will get so much out of reading it in its entirety, but for those of you who can’t wait until then to get started implementing the concepts, here are some of the key takeaways that had the biggest impact on me.