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5 of My Personal Best Nostalgic Books

It might seem like a waste that with all the impossible millions of books out there waiting to be read, I would ever choose to read a book twice (or in the cases of these books, sometimes 5+ times).

When it comes to these best nostalgic books though, that’s the only way to go. Once is never enough.

For avid readers, reading a book you’ve read before can almost be as much fun as discovering a new favorite for the first time. I literally get giddy picking up any book from this list, because I know I am going to be spending time with a best friend who will show me a new side of themselves.

There is a peace and joy that comes from entering a story you know will love, and you know the ending. So much of life is so unpredictable and spontaneous, that a little predictability can be intoxicating.

I think that’s why even the most formulaic of books still can find an audience. It’s the equivalent of a relaxing bubble bath, with no stress or anxiety over the characters needed.

You know with certainty that however dark themes might appear in the moment, the ending will ultimately be happy and finished off just right with a bow.

Enter Nostalgic Books: Books You Can Never Read Just Once

These nostalgia books fill a similar function. They are perfect, and can only be improved on with more readings.

I do try and leave a respectable amount of time between readings (at least a year, usually more), but honestly, it depends more on what’s happening in my life that calls to a particular book.

Reading best nostalgic book
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If I’m feeling anxious about the direction my life is taking, it’s Eat Pray Love. If I need a true childhood throwback that is full of gorgeous complexity, it’s the Clan of the Cave Bear.

Whatever the reason the book needs me to read it, I listen.

That’s also why my copies of these books are in some cases held together with tape, a wish, and not much else. But after so many years of service, how can I give in and get the Kindle version, where I have with so many other books?

No, these books deserve the weight and heft of paper, ink, and bindings. They are worth the struggle to keep them together. 

I hope you enjoy five of my favorite nostalgia reads, and they become favorites of yours too!

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Did you read any of the books from my Best Nostalgic Books list? What did you think? 

Leave a comment below, as I would love to hear your thoughts about what you did (or didn’t) like about them!