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5 Brilliant Books for a Better You in the New Year

Whenever I’m at any kind of crossroads (good, bad, or just plain confusing), I naturally turn to books to help process and guide my thinking.

And with a new year nearly upon us, it’s the time of year a lot more people than just me choose to look back and reflect.

To meditate on the things you want to improve in your life while daydreaming of where you would like to be at this time next year.

For planning for a “better you.”

Books for a Better You in the New Year Cover

And while goals and dreams are a fantastic start, having a solid game plan for how to achieve the “new and improved” you one year from now definitely helps.

It also infinitely decreases the likelihood of your falling off by February… again.

I’m looking at myself here, people, but given the stats on new years resolutions, I’m guessing some of you too!

Get the Right Books in Your Corner

How do you figure out this game plan? Books. Really great books.

Books that challenge you, lead you to see things from a new perspective, and force you to act.

Books that soothe the soul and reveal a quieter place where you can feel that much more connected.

Books that give you the tools to become… a better you.

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While there are an infinite number of books out there that might help you, these five books are ones I can say definitely will.

Read on to start building your “better you” book library and give yourself the best start to the New Year you can!

A Better You Booklist

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Did you read any of these books for a better you in the new year? What did you think?

Leave me a comment below about what you liked, loved, or maybe didn’t like about these books!