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Girl A Book Club Questions

If you are looking for the next True Crime book to add to your book club list, you can’t do much better than Girl A.

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Dark and riveting, Girl A by Abigail Dean is an in-depth look at the psychology of how childhood trauma can playout for the adults involved.

Be ready for some deep discussion though, because it’s not possible to keep it superficial with this novel.

Girl A Book Club Questions

1. From the moment we meet Lex Gracie (Girl A) we know that whatever happens in the rest of the book, she got out of the House of Horrors. Why do you think the author, Abigail Dean, wants to make sure the readers know that right from the beginning?

2. The media and their fascination with all the children play a large role in the book. Why do you think people become so fascinated by survivors? What do you think about this fascination?

3. We meet each of the children and learn how they’ve been living and coping up to the present day. Who did you identify with the most? The least?

4. Girl A is known as “the one who escaped”. What does it say about Lex that she tried to run when the others didn’t? Does it say anything at all?

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5. There are a lot of vivid scenes described in Girl A. Which scene from the book struck you the most?

6. While this book focuses a lot on the present day, we do learn a number of details about how the kids were treated in the house in Moors Hill Wood. Were parts hard for you to read? Were you able to stay somewhat detached from the horrors?

7. A number of people could have helped the kids who didn’t and then regretted it later. Why do you think it can be so hard to interfere in the moment? 

8. Who in the book do you believe deserves forgiveness and why? Who doesn’t?

9. Lex starts the book by being completely against her mother for what she did to them. Does anything that happens in the rest of the book change your initial impression of her mother?

10. The kids all had different therapists who handled their trauma differently. Do you agree with Dr. K’s methods when it comes to Evie?

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11. What scene when it was being described struck you the most? What about it got to you?

12. Did you see the twist ending with Evie coming? What was your reaction when you learned the real ending?

13. Do you think this is a book that would make a good movie or series adaptation? Why?

14. This is Abigail Dean’s first novel. Would you want to read more books by her in the future?

15. In the end, how did this book leave you feeling? Will you remember it for a few months? A few years? Why?

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Did you read Girl A for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!