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These Tangled Vines Book Club Questions

With all of its moral gray areas, These Tangled Vines the novel is likely to spark some passionate debate in your book club.

Questions like, who is right or wrong based on their actions? Does true love justify all behavior?

Would you have done things differently?

All of these are topics sure to have your reading group digging deep to uncover how they really feel.

These Tangled Vines is ultimately an excellent choice for any book club meeting. Bonus points if you want to add some wine and really tap into the vibe of this novel about a Tuscan vineyard.

Here are some book club questions for These Tangled Vines to get the discussion started!

These Tangled Vines Book Club Questions

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  1. We meet Fiona when she is living her life for her quadriplegic father. What were your first impressions of her and her life circumstances?
  1. How did you feel about the balance of influence/power in the relationship between Lillian and Freddie?
  1. Which of the main characters were your favorites? Least favorite?
  1. Was there anything the characters did that frustrated you or made you angry? What about anything that made you proud of them?
  1. What did you think of Julianne’s Mclean’s writing style? What did you love vs. what weren’t you crazy about?
  1. There is a lot of discussion of duty and what is owed to your spouse in the book. How do you feel about Lillian’s affair? About how she ultimately stays with him?
  1. The book’s descriptions of Tuscany and the Italian way of life are very vivid. How did you feel reading about the vineyard?
  1. Did your opinion of These Tangled Vines change as you read it? Where did you start? Where did you finish?
  1. Is there anything in the book you feel Julianne Mclean left unresolved? If so, do you think it was intentional or not?
  1. Would you read more books by Julianne Mclean?
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Did you read These Tangled Vines for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!