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Where Have All the Boys Gone Book Club Questions

Maybe your book club has read other works by Jenny Colgan.

Maybe you would like to take the advice suggested in my review of Where Have All the Boys Gone and read this book as a look at how much her writing style and storytelling have grown over the years.

Maybe you are looking for a romantic comedy set in beautiful Scotland a busy group can get through relatively quickly in a week.

Whatever your reason for choosing this novel for your reading group, here are some book club discussions ideas for Where Have All the Boys Gone to get your conversation started. 

Where Have All the Boys Gone Book Club Questions

1. How is Katie living when we first meet her? What about the situation feels wrong (or right) for who she is as a person?

2. When Katie and Harry first meet at the interview, how did you feel about the way they reacted to each other?

3. Louise has a particular coping mechanism for her long-time boyfriend leaving her for Katie’s sister. Can you think of ways you have coped through a big disappointment in your life?

4. Jenny Colgan excels at describing rural beauty. How do you picture the village of Fairlish given her descriptions?

English town
Source: Unsplash

5. The book has a lot of English language and expressions that might be confusing or jarring to an audience from the US or another country.

Was there any language you think should have been updated for the reissue?

6. Katie is first interested in Iian when she arrives in the village. Did he feel like the right man for her at any point? How strong was the foreshadowing for Harry?

7. There are a lot of extreme and vivid characters described in the book. Who did you like the most? The least? Why?

8. The book has a predictable rom-com happy ending. How satisfied were you with it? Was there anything else you wish had been resolved that wasn’t?

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Did you read Where Have All the Boys Gone for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!