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The Last of the Moon Girls Book Club Questions

There is so much to unpack in these The Last of the Moon Girls book club questions. Love, mystery, magick, family drama… you name it, it’s there. 

What I love about author Barbara Davis and her books (like The Keeper of Happy Endings), is just how versatile they are.

We could all read the same book, but take something very different away from it. 

The life you’ve lived is going to starkly color your impressions of these characters and the story. What you relate to and empathize with might be very different from the next person. 

And that’s what makes it such a fantastic pick for a book club. Given everyone’s personal history, you are likely to get very different answers to each of these questions!

If you’re still unsure, this The Last of the Moon Girls review should help make up your mind.

I hope you enjoy these book club questions for The Last of the Moon Girls as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

The Last of the Moon Girls Book Club Questions

1. When we meet Lizzy Moon (real name Elzibeth), she has just discovered her grandmother has died after Lizzy has been living in a self-enforced exile for 8 years.

Her ex, Luc, tells her to go back and spend “time with her memories” so she can make peace with her hometown.

Did you understand or judge her decisions when you are first introduced to her? Reading more of the book, did learning about the life Elzibeth had lived in Salem Creek change your initial impressions of her reactions?

2. Thinking about moving to New York and the way she has changed, Lizzy questions, “Was it possible to walk away so completely that you lost yourself in the process?” What do you think she meant by that?

3. The Moon women only bear daughters and never take husbands. What were your impressions about this tradition? Did it strike you as odd or normal given the circumstances?

4. Why do you think the town of Salem Creek was so quick to point a finger at Althea Moon for the death of the Gilman girls? 

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5. Althea says she tried very hard to let Lizzy choose her own path, but then she lives her a journal trying to convince her she should take up the family mantle as a Moon girl on the farm.

Does this seem like a fair thing to do? Or is it right Althea tries to keep at least some of the family tradition going? Why or why not?

6. Evangeline talks about how it’s not always family that’s there for you in the end, and that’s okay because a family can come in many forms.

“Family isn’t always about blood. Sometimes you just recognize someone. That’s how it was with your gran and me. We were kin. A special kind of kin.”

Have you ever experienced that recognition she refers to? If not, do you still agree with a different definition of family? How so?

7. Andrew Greyson has loved Lizzy from afar practically his whole life.

Do you think that kind of love is real, where a crush from high school stops you from ever really loving anyone as an adult? Or is it the kind of thing that only exists in books and movies?

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8. Since she wasn’t there for her in life, Lizzy becomes determined to clear Althea’s name of the Gilman murders after her death.

Do you think gestures made after someone dies are pointless? Or is doing something for someone significant, regardless of if they are still around or not? Why?

9. When talking with Fred Gilman, the girl’s father, he is still broken and unwilling to think about anyone else maybe being responsible for his daughters’ deaths.

What do you think it is about grief that changes us and maybe closes our minds? Did you empathize with his situation, or did you think he should be just as interested in Lizzy about the truth?

10. Lizzy’s relationship with her mother has always been complicated, and only became more impossible when her mother skipped town right after the murders and she “cursed” the town.

How did you feel when her mother is suddenly back in her life? Did how you feel about her change at all when you later learned about her gift of knowing people’s deaths before they happened? 

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11. We learn what ultimately happened to the girls, and in a lot of ways, their deaths also had to do with “family legacy”.

Were you surprised at all by the coverup by the neighbors? Do you think loyalty to family should extend this far?

12. Lizzy is ultimately able to choose her own path, by doing what all the Moon women have done, but with a partner by her side.

Why do you think it was letting love in that was the hardest part of the tradition to break for her? How did Althea’s story about her own experience with love influence her?

13. A big theme in this novel is what one generation owes to the next. Do you think there is a place for generational traditions in the modern world, or do they hold future generations back? Why or why not?

14. Barbara Davis has a pretty distinctive style of writing about magic in the modern world. Would you read more books by her? Why or why not?

Get a copy of these book club questions as a PDF below.

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Did you read The Last of the Moon Girls for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!