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Covet Book Club Questions

I’ve never been more surprised to enjoy a series as much as I have the Crave Series by New York Times best-selling author Tracy Wolff.

Not only do the books keep getting better and better, but I think I loved discussing these Covet book club questions the most too! 

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I really do owe the author an apology at this point. Despite all my initial misgivings that this was just another silly YA novel trying to make bank on the vampire vacuum left in the wake of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, I have really gotten into the world of Katmere Academy.

Speaking with others who had similar meh reactions to the first book (you can find the full Crave book review here), we’re all now waiting anxiously for Wolff to drop Charm (book 5) and Cherish (the 6th and final book in the series). My hat’s off to you, Tracy!

Now, back to the matter at hand: Covet!

The names of the books really do bring to mind high school romance, when everything about love felt like life or death.

Crave series book covers

Eyes meeting across the room could make your face flush and your heart float… Or make your face burn and want to be swallowed up by the floor NOW.

Grace is no stranger to these extreme emotional swings in Covet as she struggles with letting go of her first love with Jaxon so she can let her bond with Hudson have a real chance. 

Pictured against the backdrop of a paranormal world run by a Vampire king who is actively conniving to make sure she doesn’t reach her upcoming coronation and that everyone she loves dies as soon as possible, it’s not hard to see why she is having a hard time focusing on her relationship status (or even just graduating high school).

This young adult novel and the third book in the Crave series brings back all the main characters from the first two books. It also introduces some new mythical creatures (hello Giants and Manticores).

There is also some great character development for Grace, Hudson, Jaxon, and Link as they all struggle with love, redemption, and what it means to get a second chance.

While the novel is full of unanswered questions, at least you can dig into some of the possibilities with your reading group using these Covet book club questions.


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Covet Book Club Questions

1. The first passages of Covet are heavy ones as Grace remembers the death of Xavier five days before. Macy comments she shouldn’t be feeling so much grief because she only knew him a short time.

When it comes to mourning and sadness, do you think time plays a role in how much you feel? Why or why not?

2. When the mating bond with Jaxon was broken and a new one with Hudson snapped into place, Grace tried to avoid hurting either boy by refusing to make a choice between them.

How did you feel about this approach? Did it spare their feelings the way she was trying to? Explain.

3. Jaxon makes the choice for Grace about what to do by breaking up with her. He says it’s to avoid everyone feeling more pain. He decides he wants her to give her new bond with Hudson a chance, even though she protests that this isn’t what she wants.

Do you think he was doing the right thing for her? Or was taking away her choice just another way to control her? Explain.

Broken heart
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4. In talking with Grace, Hudson references the quote of “hate being only one side of a coin with love.” Is that true? Why or why not?

5. The bloodletter tells Grace and Hudson that the mating bond with Jaxon was actually manufactured, and one she had spelled to fall into place if the circumstances were right.

Was this fair, or messing with destiny? If had the chance to have a mating bond in real life, but couldn’t choose who would get picked, would you take it? Why?

6. What do you think Hudson promised Grace with the enchanted ring he gave her in the Giant city? If you could spell a promise to someone that way, would you? What might you want to promise?

7. Grace and her crew are ultimately betrayed by the Queen of the Dragon Court when they are sent to the cursed prison. Did you see this coming? Was there something else at play here to explain the power move? Explain.

8. When Grace, Hudson and Link enter the prison guarded by a deadly unbreakable curse, they learn about the practices around atonement for the prisoners.

What kind of imagery did the author use to make those scenes more vivid? Does this seem like a practice that leads to any kind of benefit for the prisoners serving a lifetime prison sentence?

How about when you learned more about the prison towards the end of the book?

Old prison from Covet book club questions
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9. In this book, every time a decision is made for what needs to happen next, another step that needs to happen first comes up.

For example, to beat the Vampire king Cyrus, they need the crown. To get the crown, they need to break the enchantment of the Unkillable beast. To break the enchantment, they need to find the Blacksmith, who it turns out they need to break out of a prison that no one ever returns from.

What do you think Tracy Wolff is trying to tell her readers with the fact that none of these missions are ever simple or straightforward? Is it just good storytelling, or is there a deeper meaning?

10. Of all the scenes in the book, which one stuck with you the most? Which one had you feeling the most?

11. Grief, trauma and forgiveness play large roles in this third book in the Crave series. Which examples struck you as the most realistic? Why? 

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12. Do you think books can teach us about how to deal with trauma ourselves? Why or why not?

13. Why do you think Hudson looks to Grace for permission to use his hidden powers at the end?

14. There are many examples in the book of elements that fit in to the novel’s title and theme of “covetting” something, like power and romance. Which example most perfectly personifies “to covet” for you? Why?

15. Did Covet make you want to the next book in the Crave series, Court? What questions are you hoping to get answered?

Covet book club questions PDF available below.

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Did you read Covet for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!