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Crush by Tracy Wolff Book Club Questions

After reading Crave by author Tracy Wolff, I was surprised to find myself writing book club questions for Crush, the next book in the Crave series.

Why? There were a lot of reasons I cover more completely in my review of Crave, but it boils down to this. I just didn’t love the first book. 

Low and behold, not too much time passes before I find myself tapping on Crush in Kindle Unlimited.

As much as I thought I hadn’t liked the first book, I kept wondering what exactly had happened with Grace, Jaxon, Hudson, and the rest of the gang. 

Had she realized she was a Gargoyle?

Did Hudson die?

Was Macy’s hair still hot pink?

So many unanswered questions ultimately brought me back to the series, and I go to say, I’m glad they did!

Crush by tracy wolff Book Club Questions

Unlike Crave (which you can explore more deeply with these Crave book club questions), Crush moves at a good pace. The biggest difference is it seems to have been given a better once-over from an editor (highly important in my opinion).

While still not perfect or my favorite vampire book of all time, I enjoyed the second book of the Tracy Wolff Crave series a lot more than the first.

Better still, it made good fodder for some great reading group topics!

If you’re generally a fan of paranormal romance, a fan of boarding school settings, or even a lover of vampires a la Bella Swan, you’re going to really appreciate spending time with the different characters the book offers up.

So enjoy these Crush book club questions as we dive back into Katmere Academy and all the turmoil it holds for Grace and all the other supernatural creatures. 

Crush Book Club Questions

1. When our main character Grace wakes up after four months of being a Gargoyle, she has no memory of the time passing or what had happened with Hudson.

What were your first theories around what had happened? How close were there to what really happened?

2. From the moment she comes back, Grace would feel something off whenever she would go in to kiss him.

In hindsight, what do you think that feeling was? Hudson, the Gargoyle, or something else? Explain.

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3. What do you feel is the significance that of all the magical creatures the author could have made Grace, she chose to make her a Gargoyle? And not just any Gargoyle, but the first Gargoyle in a thousand years?

4. What were your first impressions of Hudson after meeting him inside Grace’s head? Did he seem to match the way he had been described in the first book? What was different about him (or the same)?

5. In Crush, we meet the Bloodletter for the first time. What are your initial impressions of her? Do they change by the end of the book?

6. The Mating bond is a very important element of the book. Do you feel that having something so tangible in the real world would be a blessing or a burden? Why?

If you could choose to have that exist but would have no say in who you are connected with, would you still take the risk?

Grace and Jaxon Vega holding hands imagined in Crush book club questions
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7. There are a lot of new characters we meet for the first time, including Jaxon and Hudson’s father Cyrus, King of the Circle, and the vampire court.

How do his reactions to Grace’s new powers shape your opinions of him, especially knowing the unspeakable evil he committed towards his own kids? Where do see his character development going in future books?

8. Flint comes out to Grace in the book as gay, and then inadvertently lets it slip that the one he has been in love with all these years in Jaxon.

Did this come as a surprise to you? Did this change any of your impressions of their interactions from the first book? How?

9. In Crush, Xavier dies in the quest for the Heartstone. What point do you think the author was making in killing off a likable character?

10. Compared to the first book, who did you find the more sympathetic character in the weird love triangle that happens? Jaxon or Hudson? Why?

How do you hope to see Grace’s relationship status resolved?

Rose on a book page from Crush book club questions
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11. At the end of the book, we see Hudson’s memories from when Grace first woke up from being turned to stone.

How did you feel finding it out for sure that Hudson and Grace had planned their return, and things went really wrong when she lost her memory?

12. What were the most frustrating moments of the book for you? Which were the sweetest?

13. What unanswered questions do you hope are addressed in the third book of the Crave series, Covet? Where would you like to see the story go?

Crush by Tracy Wolff book club questions PDF available below for easy printing

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Did you read Crush for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!