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It Starts with Us Book Club Questions

Ever since finishing the sequel novel to It Ends with Us, I have been itching to get into these It Starts with Us book club questions.

While definitely not my favorite Colleen Hoover novel (and I go into the reasons why in more depth in this It Starts with Us book review), it actually does make great reading group material.

Why? Great question, let me tell you!

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It Starts with Us Picks Up Where the First Book Left Off

It’s all about the arc between the two books.

The second book picks up as Lily Bloom is transitioning into what it means to not only be a single mother, but a survivor of a cruel and brutish relationship.

Add in the complications of her first love, Atlas, reappearing and sending her into a tailspin over how she will be able to navigate that with the father of her child and you have some pretty heavy stuff (and good discussion fodder)!

Throughout the book, Lily must navigate complex and difficult circumstances, particularly in her relationship with her ex-husband, Ryle Kincaid.

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With these book discussion questions, you can dive into the more philosophical matters these circumstances bring up like, what makes bad people bad? Is it the bad things they do, or something deeper?

Can a person really change?

When it comes to the practical day-to-day living of real life, how much consideration should they get (or deserve)?

For fellow book lovers of a great love story, this sequel will likely tick a lot of boxes.

As much as it may not be as quite as good a stand-alone book as I would have liked from an author of Colleen Hoover’s caliber, it still makes for a satisfying and emotional read that deserves a special place on your TBR pile (or as a book club pick)!

I do really hope you (and your book club members) enjoy digging deeper into the novel using this list of book club questions for It Starts with Us.

Happy book clubbing!

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It Starts with Us Book Club Questions

1. Consider the two titles of the books in this series, It Ends with Us and It Starts with Us. What do you think is the significance of the title of the book in each case? What could have been another title for the sequel?

2. It Starts with Us picks up where we left off in the first book with our main character, Lily Bloom. How does the first chapter set the pace for the rest of the book?

3. What are the biggest turning points in the book for Lily? What about for Atlas? How does the rest of the book unfold from these turns?

4. Lily’s relationship with Ryle, her jealous ex-husband, is made complicated because no matter what he will always be a part of her (and her daughter’s) life because of the child they share. How do these difficult circumstances shape Lily’s choices?

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5. Atlas Corrigan, her first love, enters Lily’s life again after a chance encounter, but we learn Atlas had always been preparing for Lily in the back of his mind. In what ways does he create a different world for Lily and her daughter?

6. Some of the first book’s favorite characters, Alyssa and Marshall, return in this sequel. What influence do they have on the young woman Lily continues to grow into? How do they help her get a second chance at a new life?

7. How does the fact Lily has the support of her sister and brother-in-law force Ryle to face some naked truths? Do you believe anything will change for him after the intervention Lily, Alyssa, and Marshall hold?

8. The story is told by alternating between the perspectives of Lily and Atlas. How does that change the tempo, mood, and overall feel of the story?

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9. Is there anything in the novel that came as a huge surprise? How about anything you expected to happen but that never did?

10. Atlas and Lily both strongly believe in the idea of true love. How does this belief help them get into a good place in their lives?

11. The story ends with Atlas rereading his wedding vows to Lily. If there was another novel, what do you imagine would go into the next book?

12. It Starts with Us was written because Colleen Hoover fans begged, pleaded, and petitioned for another installment to the series. In what ways do you think the fact Hoover never intended to write a sequel influenced the book she ultimately did write? Do you think she made the right decision by acquiescing to her fans? Why or why not?

Both book series covers, It Starts with Us and It Ends with Us

13. Do you feel the end of the book delivers the happy ending you were expecting? How else could the author have ended the book?

14. Did you have any favorite quotes from It Starts with Us? What were they?

15. How does author Colleen Hoover’s writing style compare to other books you have read? If you have read other books by her, how does it compare to her others novels?

It Starts with Us book club questions PDF is available below to download or print.

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Did you read It Starts with Us for your book club? What did you think? Leave me a comment below about how the questions and book worked for you!